Network marketing has been attacked and vilified by various people. So many negative stories have been peddled about this business and despite all this, it has continued to thrive and help people make a good and secure living, over the years. That being the case, however, many people who get into network marketing for the first time, happen to make some mistakes which, if it were another business they were starting, they most likely wouldn’t make. Many people fail to realize that it is a business rather than a ‘job’ and should be treated as such to avoid these mistakes. Some mistakes commonly made and a few tips on how to avoid making these mistakes are outlined below


Granted, many sales rep go overboard when presenting the business to prospects. They make it seem like the easiest thing to do in the world and it’s easy to get sucked in by that excitement and start daydreaming about financial freedom being a week or month away. This is not a get rich quick scheme and actual work has to be put into it. Personally, I feel too many people are focused on making quick money that they fail to realize that effort has to be put in to make that goal a reality. Also, because it’s supposedly so “easy” many people fail to consider the fact that they may simply be unsuited for the work itself.


Making good sales is very important in MLM/Network marketing. As so many successful people in the game would admit, the main thing to have going for you before you can hope to sell anything to anyone is actual love for what you are selling. If you have pride and confidence in what you’re selling, it will be reflected when you’re talking to your prospects. Many network marketers who have achieved a good level of success usually use the products they sell. When you know what you’re selling is a quality product, you will be better able to pass on that understanding to your prospects. If you dislike the product you’re selling, it will reflect in your presentation and can lose your potential customers.

  • FAILING TO TARGET THE RIGHT PEOPLE In this regard, I personally feel the MLM companies have a lot to be blamed for. A good number of them encourage their sales reps to compile a list made up of about 100 people they know, could be friends, family, or both. They are then encouraged to go tell these people about the products or venture and try to get them interested.

    Another one is telling them to consider everyone who is at least 3 feet near them, a potential buyer or recruit. This is actually a very flawed strategy. In truth, many family members are going to be happy that you have found a new business with potential, but that being said, they are also likely not going to be interested in your product.

  • Hounding them constantly about it is just going to discourage them from ever even having an interest in it. Also, targeting those 3 feet near you is just tossing your line randomly till you get a bite, it's a waste of time.

    Any smart businessman or woman knows that identifying a target market is one of the core elements of business success. Instead of pitching to random people and hoping they have a need for your product, do some research and find out who the product you're selling best applies to and then make your pitch to them.

    You are more likely to sell milk to someone who enjoys cereal regularly, than to someone who is lactose intolerant.

  • In fact, most people who have succeeded at network marketing and also happen to have family and friends as part of their downline will tell you that they only joined after they saw the network marketer's progress.


    Okay, first things first, who should you follow up on? No, not that uncle who has told you ten times that he doesn't need eye medicine because he has 20/20 vision, not him. Follow up should be done for people who have at some point, verbally or by action, shown that they might be interested in what you are selling. It is very good to check up on those people and see if, after some thought, they have become more amenable to the idea of buying your product.


Make sure to ask those people who seem interested but are not quite sold yet, for their contact information. Also, you can ask if they would like to be added to your mailing and emailing list. These emails should contain information that would be likely to make them make up their mind and buy or join.

Granted, the list of family and friends thing, as well as the 3 feet strategy is a waste of time, but that does not mean all the strategies your company suggests won’t work. Interact with sales representatives who make up your upline and have made been successful in the venture. Find out what strategies they used and implement it in your own sales pitch. The system that has already been established in a successful company, should not be meddled with.


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